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    Hi, I'm Satine Phoenix

    This is where you'll find my most updated drawings, portfolio pieces & paintings. For I, Satine Phoenix... am an ARTIST!

    Here's a little bit about little ol'me:

    As seen in:

    Maxim Magazine (Jan 2012 issue)

    Agent 88 - Directed by Digger Mesch

    We - Secret Lives of Women

    Taboo Magazine (2008)

    People (Australia 2007)

    Quoted Interview in Time Magazine Blog Article "D&D" 12/12/12

     Interview on Bagged and Boarded with Matt Cohen & Misti Dawn 10/28/12

    Interview on Penny Red Podcast 11/24/12 RE: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS

    Interview on Penny Red Podcast May 21, 2012 re: Dungeons & Dragons

    Interview on Geekscape 1/21/12 

    Interview on re D&D & I Hit it With My Axe Webseries 3/17/10

    Manthos/Satine Phoenix interview: Sushi Girl... by emmprofiles1

    I love dark and dirty industrial shows, and going to the symphony, wine tastings and burning man. I love traveling the world from resort to resort and camping and visiting 3rd world countries, backpacking across lush rain forests and boulder climbing. I love buying expensive shoes and shopping at Goodwill. I know what taco stand to visit at 3am and what the best sushi restaurant in LA and Dubai is. 

    Is there anything else you would like to know about? Have ideas on what we should put on this site? E mail or ask a question in the Forums section. I would love to hear from you! is NOT a Porn SITE!

    Be respectful!

    Head Geek Mistress - Satine Phoenix

    Illustrator/Model/Actress. As seen on TV.

    Attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco for 5 years then decided to gather some experience to draw about. So I did & I'm very excited to share my Arsenal of Knowledge with you.

    I have now locked myself in an apartment with a few of my favorite things: 

    Movies (esp. scifi & fantasy), Food and Dungeons and Dragons... and YOU to share all these with.


    *Photo By - Robin Andersen